Red Bluff Organization Gives Christmas Meals To The Homeless

Salt Ranch for the Homeless and Poor gave out Christmas meals despite the rainy conditions.

RED BLUFF, Calif.- Members of Salt Ranch for the Homeless and Poor spent Christmas Day giving out food to the homeless.

Volunteers set up a tented eating space next to Red Bluff River Park, and fed homeless people meals of ham, turkey, green beans, pumpkin pie, and more. The meals were all donated.

Salt Ranch was able to serve hundreds of homeless people despite the rainy conditions.

Randy Dueck is Salt Ranch's founder and pastor.

While the weather was not perfect, Pastor Dueck was more than happy to give up his Christmas to spend it with the homeless community that he regards as family.

“Everybody wants to be with their family on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well so do I,” he said. “This is my family," Pastor Dueck continued.

"And you know even though sometimes I lack in volunteers because they want to be with their families, I’m okay because God always supplies, and we have plenty of food and help.”

The pastor and his volunteers continued giving out meals in to-go boxes until they ran o

Salt Ranch gives out food to those that need it each and every week. Their hope is to eventually run a transitionary home for people so they can get off of the streets.


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