Our Vision

God has led My wife & I to move forward with helping the homeless & poor people here in the Red Bluff area. I have been helping people living under the Antelope Bridge, crossing the Sacramento River, for several years now. Some of the people living under this bridge & others in this area have expressed a strong desire to not be homeless anymore, but lack what it takes to transition into a lifestyle other than what they have grown accustomed to.

Without having a personal relationship with our Creator, the homeless will have no hope of ever succeeding at anything. So as I connect & share the Love of God with food, clothing, tents & sleeping bags, I share the Word of God with them I heal the sick in the name of Jesus & prophesy into their lives.

We are experiencing many miracles of healing & the impossible becoming possible almost daily at times! They are anxious then to see what God will lead them to next!

God has given my wife and I a vision of setting up a ranch where they could live and help work the land to produce fruits & vegetables to possibly sell at farmers market. In this way they could learn skills & habits to help them transition into a useful person of society. We don't have land to develop into this ranch yet but God has given us a vision!  I don't know how or what God is going to do, but He is an awesome God & has shown me miracles that I could not even imagine before. So I'm expecting God to "WOW" me in some way to provide for this vision He has given us!

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