How You Can Help

What can you do to help these homeless under the Antelope Bridges

We have provided a Walmart Wishlist of items that we carry to the homeless.

You can help by clicking the button to buy items from the wishlist, from $7.50 for a pack of socks to a $25.00 tent, or Walmart gift cards to donate specific amounts, & they will be sent to: 

Randy W. Dueck
12865 State Highway 99 East
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Phone # 530-200-6871 (text messaging is okay)

1st gift card donated was purchased directly from store & mailed 2 my address & had VISA logo on it, making it usable @ SalvationArmy & other thrift stores (making your money have greater purchasing power!) Gift cards purchased from Wish list online are Walmart only, (not VISA), making donation usable @Walmart Only.

Checks can be made out to:

Salt Ranch and mail it to:

12865 State Highway 99 East
Red Bluff, CA  96080.

You can send donations online, just click the one of the options below: